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Bed bug
Bed bugs are small, wingless insects that are 4 to 7 mm long. Their color is light reddish brown, which changes to dark brown after feeding on human and animal blood. The color of bedbug eggs is also white and its length is about 1 mm. Bedbugs are very fond of dark, dry and hot places and therefore mostly hide and reproduce in the seams of mattresses and beds as well as in wall crevices, under wallpaper and floor seams. Bedbugs do not move because they do not have many wings and are very small, and they are usually moved from place to place by moving furniture, clothes and cartons. It should be noted that bedbugs can survive for several months without feeding.

Bedbugs usually do not transmit the disease and only their bites are annoying. The first bites of bed bugs may be accompanied by severe inflammation and itching, but after a few bites, the body does not react as before and causes less inflammation and itching. To detect bedbugs at home, you must first look for signs of the insect bite on the body. If you notice signs of bedbugs, you should look for adult bedbugs or bedbug eggs in beds and wall seams and wallpaper. One of the things that may help you find bedbug hideouts is seeing their feces, which are usually in the form of small black or dark brown spots. Another sign of a large number of bedbugs in one place is the unpleasant odor that is inhaled.

Bed bug poison

Destruction of bedbugs
In order to be safe from bedbugs, it is better to follow some tips. Cleanliness is the most important factor that keeps your living space free from bedbugs and other pests. To stay safe from bed bugs, you should regularly wash blankets, mattress covers, bedding, and sheets in the sun. If the edges of the wallpaper are raised, repair them. Cover the seams of the wall and the floor. Observe personal hygiene and wash your head and body regularly. Wash dirty clothes quickly and spread them out in the sun. Take out and check clothes and beds that have been in the closet and dark place for a long time. Use clean and healthy cartons when moving furniture. After moving, when opening the cartons and equipment, be sure to check them so that if they are infected with bed bugs, these insects will not enter your place of residence.

If your place of residence is infested with bed bugs, there are some solutions that we will discuss below. If the number of bedbugs is low, you can use insecticide sprays. Spray on areas where you have seen bedbugs or carcasses, and check for insecticide after a day. If you see bedbugs again, you should use other methods. If the spray is ineffective or you see a lot of bed bugs, you need a basic spray. To completely destroy bedbugs, you must know the appropriate type of toxin, the required dose and the correct method of spraying. Our colleagues in Pakar Morvarid collection are ready to provide advice and guidance to you dear ones.
Bed bug poison
As mentioned above, to completely eradicate bedbugs, you should seek professional advice from a sprayer. Improper use of the poison will not kill the bedbugs and may even harm the health of the people in the area. Adequate dose of toxin should also be determined according to the area and the level of contamination of bed bugs. After selecting the poison and sufficient dose, it is time to spray. There are points in bedbug spraying that only experienced and expert people are aware of. For example, if you see bed bugs in the bedroom and need to be sprayed, you should not move any equipment out of the bedroom as this may cause you to move the bed bugs to other parts of the house. Depending on the type of bed bugs and the number of bed bugs and eggs, spraying should be done in different periods. Sometimes it is necessary to do the spraying again after a few days so that no trace of bedbugs can be seen in your house.
Sell ​​poison
Selling bed bugs is more to destroy the eggs and larvae of this insect. Bedbugs lay eggs quickly and because of the small size of the eggs and larvae, they are easily hidden between the hair and fibers. Rapid reproduction of this insect is one of the most important problems that can be eliminated only with the use of special and strong poisons. Bedbug venom should be used in bed and all fibers. This insect sometimes does not even react to hot water and its body is very resistant. Using special toxins is the only way to get rid of this vermin.

Bed bugs are a type of bed bug that feeds on human blood. This insect is one of the most important causative agents of disease in humans. The use of specialized poisons is very necessary for places where this insect is rarely seen, and a special poison must be used before the reproduction of this insect. Specialized spraying of this insect should be done by companies and using skilled technicians in this field.

Sell bed bug poison
Bedbug spraying should be done seasonally and continuously to eradicate it. The place of bedbug bites on the skin of humans and animals is quite obvious and the excrement of this animal due to high reproduction in homes in the form of psychoactive ink and blood-like state. Seeing any of this evidence, specialized spraying of this insect should be started immediately. The price of bedbug venom depends on the stability of the venom in the environment. Chlorine or phosphorus pesticides are commonly used to spray bedbugs.
This insect causes severe skin inflammation and severe itching. Ticks are a type of bed bug that hardly let go of the skin after clinging to the skin of the human body and sucking blood. Bedbugs are difficult to detect in the early stages, but over time, their symptoms can be easily identified on the body. Especially the place of bed bug bites on the body of infants and disabled people is easily visible. Due to the hiding of this insect in some places, spraying must be done very carefully.

Warning signs of bed bugs in homes
The composition of bedbug venom is such that it affects the digestive mechanism of this insect. Bedbugs smell bad at home and usually mate and reproduce more easily in damp places. You can smell it when a substance called a pheromone is released from the animal’s body, which means that the insect begins to multiply rapidly. In places where animal husbandry is common, bed bugs are more likely to be present. This animal easily hides between the hair and wool of cows and sheep and feeds on their blood.
In these places, bedbug spraying should start from the place where the animals are kept. Bed bug repellent does not harm livestock or humans because it has a mechanism of action on insects and does not interfere with the mechanism of the mammalian body (albeit at a standard dose). Buying the deadly poison of bedbugs should be done from reputable places. This toxin should be used under the supervision of experts and the dose used should be clear. Using high doses of the toxin indoors can cause headaches and pneumonia.

Very strong toxins repel bedbugs

There are some very strong anti-bedbug toxins that can easily kill a large number of these animals. However, environmental agencies do not recommend the use of this substance at all because of the protection of children and the elderly in closed environments. Professionals use mixed bedbug venom only in environments where bedbugs may be hiding so that all bedbugs and their eggs are completely destroyed.
Inspection of bed bug infestations from the bedroom to the living room and furniture and other items should be done by specialists. Cheap bed bug poison should be combined with a certain amount of other toxins and used indoors. These toxins are also used to improve the eradication of bedbugs in livestock.
Sell ​​bed bug poison

Our colleagues in Pakan Morvarid will prepare and provide you with poison to solve the problems of Tehran citizens and dear compatriots all over the country. It is possible to send bed bugs to all parts of Iran through freight and postal system. It is also possible to send bed bugs in Tehran by visiting the address of Fadak Metro, North Fadak Madani St., No. 10 Heydari St. or sending a courier to your home in Tehran by motor courier.
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