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Bees are winged insects that are closely related to the ant family. This insect is well known for its important role in pollination and is very useful for life on Earth. More than 16,000 species of bees in seven different biological families are known worldwide. The bee is one of the most well-known and important bees today. As we have said, bees are very useful for the life and cycle of nature and contribute to this important matter by pollination, so May 20 has been named World Bee Day.
Killer bee nesting

The time of the nesting time of the Asian killer queen bee
Scientific name: Vespa mandarinia
Family: Vespidae

. Review the Asian killer queen’s effort to build a nest for 3 days in a few minutes. A quick display of the bee’s uninterrupted activity throughout the day shows a function similar to that of a 3D printer, which, based on information from a central system (evolutionary history), creates the nest. This activity usually stops during the night. The nest is made of chewed wood fibers mixed with bee saliva that looks like paper. Once formed, the colony of this insect includes very aggressive individuals who have very painful and sometimes deadly stings.
Bee life
There are three types of bees in bee colonies. The queen bee is the main and most important hive bee because it lays eggs. There is only one queen bee that can bite another queen bee. The queen bee is usually the mother of worker bees. When the queen bee is young, it feeds on a special sap. Worker bees, like queen bees, are responsible for collecting pollen from flocks and protecting the hive. The third type is male bees whose only job is to fertilize (inoculate) the queen bee.

The pearl spraying company has prepared a poison that the bee will die after one minute if the wings, hands or anywhere on the bee body come in contact with this poison.
You will be taught how to use the poison after purchase through WhatsApp or Telegram..

The price of bee venom from Pearl Spraying Company is one hundred thousand tomans and it must be mixed with 5 liters of water before consumption.
Pearl venom is quite guaranteed and we have used this venom for almost one hundred apartments so far.

Benefits and harms of bees
We said at the beginning that bees are very useful. But if a large number of bees decide to live and build a colony near where you live or in your home, then their presence can be very annoying. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to fight these insects and get rid of them or destroy them. To kill bees, you can prepare and use a special poison provided by Pakan Morvarid Company. With this poison, you can easily get rid of the stings and annoyances of these bees.
Safety precautions should be observed when consuming bee poison.
1. The toxin must first be tested for health.
2. The type of pest and the type of toxin are specified.
3. Read the pesticide label and follow the instructions
4. Make sure the pest you want to control is listed on the label.
5. Make sure the plant you want to spray is also listed on the label.
6. Is there a need for special protective equipment? (Necessary spraying equipment such as work clothes, rubber gloves, round glasses and masks should be prepared)

7. What are the tools needed for spraying?
8. Is the above pesticide toxic to other plants? In this case, you need to collect or cover them.
9. Make sure about spraying time.
10. Buy only the required amount of pesticide. If there is a surplus and long-term maintenance, its effectiveness is reduced.
11. Move or cover pet food or fish tank before spraying.
12. Do not mix toxins for ease of spraying.

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