Big blattidae poison

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Big blattidae
With the onset of summer, we see the presence of American beetles in homes. To kill large beetles, it is necessary to spray properly and use external poison of sewage beetles. Large beetles are usually American or German beetles. This adult beetle is 50-35 mm long and appears reddish brown to dark brown. The traces left by these large beetles are brown with a yellow border. Large beetle wings in both males and females grow fully and grow.

Large adult beetles can survive for a year or more under normal environmental conditions. Large American adult beetles mate 7 days after their last molt. They usually produce an egg capsule within 8 days, which they carry with them for 24 hours and then place in a safe place. Each large beetle can produce one capsule per week and up to 90 eggs per lifetime. There are about 15 eggs in each egg capsule, and the eggs appear 6 to 12 weeks after insertion of the capsule.

Large American beetles usually live in sewers. These beetles come to the surface as the air warms up and look for food and a suitable place to lay their eggs. Warm and dark places are their favorite place. Around water heaters, basements, above cabinets, around chimneys and… are places where large beetles or footprints can be seen.

Extermination of large beetles
There are many ways for large beetles to enter your home. They enter your home through kitchen drains, doors and windows, bathroom and toilet drains, and even through the utensils and cartons you bring home. The arrival of large beetles in the house is the beginning of a nightmare because if only a few egg capsules are hidden in your house, you may encounter a large number of small and large beetles after a while. Beetles spread the infection around the house by moving around your home and may cause diseases for you and other residents. Diseases that may be transmitted to humans through beetles include cholera, plague, skin diseases, allergies and itchy skin, diarrhea, and more.

To fight the big beetles and destroy them, you must first observe the following points:

Daily cleaning of the kitchen
Sweep all over the house at least twice a week
Dust and pull the handkerchief once a week
Use a lid with a lid and stainless steel
Use the garbage bag
Daily waste disposal
Store food in sealed containers

Big blattidae poison
If you still see large beetles or their footprints, it is better to take immediate action to destroy them. Extermination of large beetles requires the right venom and the right dose, as well as knowing how to use it properly. Not only does it not kill large beetles if it is consumed in small or excessive amounts, or it uses the wrong pesticides, but it can make them more resistant and harder to destroy. Contrary to popular belief, spraying is not a simple and easy task and requires sufficient knowledge and experience. It is better to contact a spraying company to prepare a suitable beetle poison or large beetle spray. Pakan Morvarid Company, with its experienced and professional staff, is ready to serve you, dear compatriots. Our partners can guide you in choosing the right type of poison as well as spraying large beetles.

The elephant of the world of insects

Scientific name: Megasoma elephas
Family: Scarabaeidae

A species of rhinoceros beetle is called the Philosopher’s due to its very large body, which grows to a length of more than 12 cm. Infested larvae feed on decaying organic matter. Male ospreys have very large branches and engage in mating with other males. Adult insects live only a few months. The majesty of these insects with their open wings is very spectacular
Sale big blattidae poison
To solve the problem of Tehran citizens and dear compatriots all over the country, our colleagues in Pakan Morvarid will prepare a large beetle venom and provide it to you. Large beetle venom can be sent to all parts of Iran through freight and postal system. It is also possible to send a large beetle venom in Tehran by visiting the Fadak metro address, North Fadak Madani St., No. 10, Heydari St., or by sending a motor courier to your home in Tehran.
How to use the beetle venom of Pakan Morvarid company will be sent to you via WhatsApp and Telegram after purchase.
Contact number 09192004096
This poison is foreign and has a one-year warranty and does not pose any danger to humans.

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