Cabinet beetle poison

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Cabinet beetle poison
Be sure to open the cabinet and see small and large beetles in the corners. These types of beetles, known as cabinet beetles, usually attack food in large numbers and all at once. Beetles are the most prolific type of insect. Having them at home, especially in the kitchen, will be very unpleasant. But what to do? How can you get rid of all these small and large beetles in the cabin? Join us as we share some tips with you on this. Also, enter the Pakan Morvarid store through the link at the end of the article and prepare cabinet beetle venom.
Cabinet beetle
Perhaps one of the worst types of beetles is the cabinet beetle. Because they contaminate the cabinet environment by invading the cabinets where the food is stored. On the other hand, they also make food unusable. These beetles are usually tiny. They are often hidden in cabinets that are in the corners and are not used much.

They hide and reproduce in dark and inaccessible places. At night, they go to other cabinets for transportation and food. It is enough for a beetle to lay eggs in one of the cabinets. In this case, their destruction will be very difficult. You will encounter a large number of tiny beetles in the shortest time.

If you see a type of beetle in one of the cabinets, be sure that there are so many of them that you encounter them during the day. They go to inaccessible parts to reproduce. Sections such as corner cabinets or top cabinets are chosen for this purpose.

Ways to prevent beetles
By following a few tips, you can greatly prevent the presence of cabinet beetles in your kitchen and cabinets. First, keep in mind that these beetles enter your home and kitchen from outside. Then cover the entrance door and window with metal mesh. Also block the sewer with a suitable cap.

Cleaning the kitchen destroys their living conditions. Do a little cleaning daily. Sweep and dust two to three times a week. Empty the cabinets at least once a month and clean and inspect the various areas as well as the food inside them. Store food in sealed plastic containers. Do not place plant products and foods in inaccessible areas.
Cabinet beetle spraying
Spraying cabinet beetles is not an easy task. Because containers and food are usually stored in cabinets. Therefore, food should be discarded if there are beetles. Dishes should also be washed after spraying. Do not use ordinary insecticides to kill cabinet beetles. These insecticides kill only a few of them. The rest of the beetles become resistant to this insecticide and it becomes difficult to destroy them.

We suggest that if you see this type of cabinet beetle, first prepare the appropriate cabinet beetle venom. Then get rid of these pests forever by spraying properly.

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We suggest that you read before and after spraying (necessary measures before and after spraying).

What if we see a beetle in the cabinet?

If you see this type of cabinet beetle, first prepare the appropriate poison. Then get rid of these pests forever by spraying properly.

What is a Cabinet Beetle?

Open the cabinet and see the small and large beetles in the corners. This type of beetle, known as cabinet beetle, usually attacks food in large numbers and all at once.

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