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The millipede is one of the insects in the end band. This insect moves very fast and there are two types of leaf-eating and carnivorous, the carnivorous type of which is dangerous and poisonous and transmits the poison to the human body with its bite. Millipedes are found in deserts and even in cities and product complexes and increase with reproduction. For this purpose, they must be destroyed before reproduction. Buying millipede venom is one of the ways to destroy this insect. But it is very important to choose a poison that can destroy this insect quickly and is not harmful to human health. Pakan Morvarid Spraying Company is one of the companies that sells all kinds of insect pesticides for the greater welfare of users.

The toxins offered in this company are specially produced for a special insect and are not harmful to humans. The millipede venom available in this company is placed in one-liter, two-liter and five-liter packages, and you can order one of these packages according to the dispersion rate of this insect. This poison has a guarantee and guarantees that it will kill the desired insect in a short time.

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How to use a thousand feet of poison
The sale of pure pearl millipede venom is done directly on this site. After buying this product, you just need to pour some of this poison in the corners of the house and in places where millipedes can penetrate, including under cabinets and storage, and after a few hours, you will see millipede die. Finally, disinfect the poison spray. It should be noted that the ingredients and how to use this toxin are listed on the package.
The price of millipede poison
The millipede poison available in Pakan Morvarid company is not very expensive and you can use it for a long time by buying this poison. The exact price of this toxin depends on its volume and you can access the prices by visiting the site. To buy millipede poison, just register your order through the site.

Millipedes and centipedes
Category: Diplopoda & Chilopoda

A group of arthropods, commonly called millipedes, actually consists of two distinct subgroups called millipedes and centipedes. Obviously, none of them have millipedes, but some species may have up to 750 feet. The group known as millipedes are often herbivores or carnivores that have two pairs of legs on each limb. But centipedes are carnivores and may have deadly venom. These animals have long, agile legs and move very fast. The centipede species Scolopendra has a very large body (30 cm long) and venomous and venomous jaws.
The benefits of pakan morvarid millipede poison
Reasonable and fair price
Harmless to human health
Power of rapid destruction of millipedes
A very principled structure
High impact power

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Is it possible to spray millipede in person?

Yes. You can either prepare a special millipede poison from Pakar Morvarid store and spray it using its instructions, or you can contact us so that our colleagues can come to your place as soon as possible and spray the millipede for you.


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