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The crickets are insects of the upper right genus of the genus Encefra or swordfish of the crickets family. Right wings are insects that do not retract their wings in a resting position and are in contact with the dorsal surface of the body. This form is often seen in early insects. The name Balan’s right has been given to them for this reason. Locusts, cockroaches, crickets, and moths fall into this category.

Crickets usually work at night. Their mouth parts are chewing. The front wings are narrow and the hind wings are thin and folded below the front wings. They also have incomplete metamorphosis. They often eat everything or eat garbage. There are 25,000 species of crickets in the world. The male of these insects makes a sound to attract the females by creating friction between the front wings or the friction of the wings on the legs.
Crickets are relatives of locusts. They can jump several times their body length with the help of their large hind legs. Crickets are usually active at night. Some of them dig ducts and rest in it while the air is clear. Most species of crickets eat leaves.

But some shrub crickets also feed on other insects. Crickets, like locusts, sing. To make a sound, they pull their shoulder teeth like one of their wings over the thick area of ​​the other wing. The front of their body acts as an amplifier and raises the volume. Some tropical crickets sing so loudly that you can hear them from a distance of one kilometer. It is interesting to know that crickets’ ears are located on their front knees.

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Crickets are harmless insects. Of course, this is true when you encounter a crickets. Everything is different if a large number of crickets live in your area or in your garden and farmland. At first it is their voices that may bother your ears. But be aware that their voice is the last annoyance they can inflict on you.

The most important problem that many crickets can cause you is the destruction of your plants and flowers. As we have said, most species of crickets feed on the leaves of trees and plants. Now imagine that your garden is full of beautiful flowers and plants. Or you have a field where you have planted crops. When you encounter a large number of crickets, they can definitely damage your crops, flowers and plants.
Dealing with crickets
Do not worry if you encounter such a situation. You can easily get rid of them by using the crickets poison available in Pakan Morvarid store. Of course, it is better to start quickly. Because over time, crickets cause more damage to your plants and crops. So it is better to prepare the desired poison as soon as possible and use it.

Note that there are some things to keep in mind when using the poison. At the end, we have the article for the necessary actions before and after spraying that you can use. By observing the above, you first guarantee your health and the health of others. And in the next step, you have done the basic and correct spraying and you can see the results as well.
What is the best way to kill crickets?
To destroy crickets completely, special crickets should be used. Crack venom from Pakan Morvarid Company is the best solution to kill and destroy crickets.

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