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Fleas are small insects that have different species and, unlike bedbugs, can move very quickly by jumping, and although they do not have wings, they can jump up to 100 times their body length, so it is difficult to destroy them. . Unlike bedbugs, fleas feed on blood, except for bites, and can transmit a variety of diseases to humans and animals. Flea bites are associated with a lot of inflammation and itching. Fleas live for 2 to 3 weeks, during which time they can lay hundreds of eggs. Not only do they live on human or animal bodies, but they can survive and reproduce anywhere, even outdoors. Dogs and pets may be more susceptible to flea attacks. Because they play in the yard and on the ground and even sleep, they may soon absorb fleas on their skin and hair. If you see your pet restless, scratching itself, or licking its body too much, you should know that it has been bitten by fleas.

Regular and timely sweeping can clean the surface of the house and the carpet lint from fleas. Getting seams on the floor and walls can also help kill this insect. The mentioned places are very popular with fleas because they lay eggs in these places. If you notice fleas or the effects of a bite on your body, you should do something immediately. If you notice that you have been bitten by a flea, immediately wash the bite site with soap and water to prevent itching from the bite. One of the factors that can trap fleas and prevent them from jumping is water. If you see fleas on the surface of your body or clothes, go under the shower immediately so that you can prevent them from jumping and destroy at least some of them! If your pet has fleas, first get water on your pet to disable the fleas.
Flea poison
Flea poison
Never think that you have destroyed the fleas by removing them from your body or your pet. Fleas reproduce very quickly and there are definitely plenty of fleas near where you live and your belongings. Basic methods must be used to completely eliminate fleas. Fleas lay eggs in seams and inaccessible places and hide, so the poison and spraying method must be such that it penetrates these small points and destroys them. It is not easy to eradicate fleas due to their high and rapid mutations. Flea spraying should be done very quickly and carefully to prevent the insect from being transmitted to other places.

You can ask our colleagues in Pakar Morvarid collection for help in spraying coke. Coke spraying requires sufficient expertise and experience. Due to the feeding of fleas from human and animal blood, in addition to spraying the area, the bodies of those present must also be cleaned of fleas. Every place where fleas are present should be sprayed. If the house is contaminated with fleas, all clothes, blankets, sheets,. Should be sprayed and washed. You can also use anti-flea sprays for pets.
Flea spraying
The only way to completely eradicate fleas is complete and principled spraying. Fleas can easily hide and lay eggs anywhere due to their large number of eggs and hiding and having a small body. Fleas can transmit diseases such as plague and typhus with bites other than severe inflammation and itching, which can be very annoying. For this reason, spraying fleas should be taken very seriously and it should not be over with ordinary sprays and killing a few fleas. Coke spraying should be done with the right poison and in the right way. All clothes and beds should be washed after spraying. All flea-infested areas should be cleaned after spraying. Make sure that the poison does not dry out and the effect does not disappear. Because by doing so, you prevent the complete destruction of fleas. In case of improper spraying, even a few fleas may remain, and this is enough to quickly re-infect the sprayed area with a large number of fleas.
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Our colleagues in Pakan Morvarid will prepare coke poison and provide it to you to solve the problems of Tehran citizens and dear compatriots all over the country. It is possible to send coke poison to all parts of Iran through freight and postal system. It is also possible to send coke poison in Tehran by visiting the address of Fadak metro station, North Fadak Madani street, No. 10, Heydari street, or sending poison by motor courier to your home in Tehran.

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