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Flies are dirty insects that, like other insects, have benefits for the natural cycle that we may not be aware of. Flies may indirectly benefit the natural cycle, which also affects human life, but not only are they not directly beneficial to humans, but they can also transmit a variety of diseases. These insects, which feed on anything, even feces, can even cause the corona virus. Flies are bipedal insects that are one of the largest species of insects. The body of this insect is covered with fine hair and has no bones. Its legs are also slightly different from other insects, the feet of flies have sticky parts that can be attached to glass, walls or even ceilings and easily hold themselves.

Learn more about the life cycle of flies
The eggs of the flies hatch after 24 hours. This insect is in the form of larvae after hatching and becomes a fly after a week. Adult flies live for about 20 days and are 5 to 8 mm long. The body color of adult flies is dark gray. Flies are seen in different places due to the existence of many different species and their feeding also varies depending on the environmental conditions and they feed on anything. In the wild, flies are a good source of food for frogs, lizards and birds. In urban life, flies can transmit various diseases to humans due to feeding on food waste and sewage. For easier feeding, flies sometimes spit their saliva on solid food and then feed on it, so their saliva may remain on the food and cause a variety of diseases.
Benefits of flies
As mentioned above, flies, despite being harmful to humans, are beneficial in the natural cycle. Flies, like bees, are one of the pollination factors in nature and are one of the most important chains in nature’s food cycle. Some species of flies are carnivores and feed on the carcasses of animals and buried animals, as well as various plants, play an important role in clearing nature. Different species of flies feed on other insects, which in turn also help maintain balance in the nature cycle.

Fly poison
Fighting flies
Although the presence of flies in nature is beneficial, their presence in urban life and for humans can be dangerous. In the following, we will discuss solutions for fighting and destroying flies. The best and easiest thing to do is to prevent flies from entering your home and place. To do this, you can start with the doors and windows and cover them with a mesh, preferably metal. Provide adequate ventilation for bathrooms, toilets and kitchens to eliminate the smell of food or waste by circulating air and not attracting flies. Electric insecticides can be used for places such as grocery stores due to the lack of necessary conditions for using the net. To avoid flies, put the garbage in a bag and then in a bin with a lid. Take out the trash daily and regularly. Do not leave food without a suitable lid and container.
Fly poison
If you do not follow the above, you will definitely encounter a large number of flies and other insects. As we have said, flies are very harmful to humans due to the transmission of disease, and their destruction should be a priority. Flies hide their eggs and larvae everywhere, even in human and animal bodies, which can be the beginning of a nightmare. Insecticide sprays may be used to get rid of one or two adult flies, but what to do with the eggs and larvae left behind? For complete destruction of flies, it is better to get help from spraying companies. Pakan Morvarid Spraying Company is ready to help you dear ones with its experienced and professional staff. Destroying flies is difficult because of their flight and rapid movement. You can use special pesticides to kill flies. These toxins can be in the form of sprays or even in the form of food for bait. Edible venom can be placed in places where flies accumulate to reduce their number over time by feeding on them.
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Our colleagues in Pakan Morvarid will prepare fly poison to solve the problems of Tehran citizens and dear compatriots all over the country and will provide it to you. Sending fly poison to all parts of Iran is possible through freight and postal system. It is also possible to send fly venom in Tehran by visiting the address of Fadak metro, Fadak Madani Shomali St., Heydari St., No. 10, or sending venom by motor courier to your home in Tehran.
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