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Lizards are a very large group of reptiles in the order of scales that have more than 5,000 species. Due to their different species, lizards are scattered all over the world, even in the North and South Poles. Most lizards have similar limbs and all have four limbs and a tail. Lizards have very sharp eyes and a strong sense of smell. Lizards can also be seen in different sizes. House lizards, which are more common in homes, are usually about 3 cm long. But sometimes in larger lizards such as Komodo dragons, they can grow up to 3 meters in length. Another species of lizard, known as a bird lizard, has small wings that can fly up to several meters. Lizards are generally carnivores. Small lizards also feed on insects, which is one of the benefits of lizards that cleanse the environment of other insects. But large species such as the Komodo dragon can sometimes devour a mammal completely. Lizards use methods such as camouflage, venom and even detachment to protect themselves. It may seem strange to you, but it is true. Lizards can separate their tails when they feel threatened so that they can both distract the attacking animal and escape faster. It is interesting to note that they can regenerate and replace the amputated limb.

Domestic lizards
The lizards that are most often seen in homes are a type of lizard called (Jacko or Geko). Geckos are one of the few lizards that have the ability to communicate by voice. These species of lizards are commonly found in hot and dry areas, commonly referred to as house lizards. From ancient times, these lizards were considered poisonous and their tails were impregnated with cyanide. But no scientific evidence has proven this to be true. So it can be concluded that house lizards are not likely to be poisonous. But this does not change our view of them because lizards are still dirty and polluted creatures for our lives as humans. House lizards are scattered all over the world by hiding in food and other items. Their size sometimes reaches up to 15 cm.They feed on other insects and usually look for insects in their backyards or in warm, residential areas. In some Asian countries, people consider these lizards auspicious, and vice versa, in India, these lizards are considered auspicious. But in some other parts of India, people believe that seeing a lizard on the eve of Diwali is a sign of happiness. It is interesting to know that in some Arab countries, the cause of skin diseases is the lizard walking on the skin during sleep.
Extermination of lizards
As we have said, lizards are just as useful in nature as other insects and creatures, and by feeding on insects, they even help human life. But their presence in the house is not very pleasant and may cause disease. Lizards move very fast and hide in narrow and dark corners and parts. Destroying them is not an easy task. It is best to prevent them from entering your home first. Use metal grilles for doors and windows. Clean the yard, backyard and patio. By cleaning these parts, you will destroy pests, as a result, you will also destroy the lizard’s desired nutrition, and in this way, you will be safe from them. When moving furniture, close the tools and cartons well so that there is no way for lizards and other insects to enter them. If you see lizards at home, it is best to seek help from a spraying company. You can contact our colleagues at Pakan Morvarid Company to advise you on lizard spraying.

Sell ​​lizard poison
If you still see lizards in different parts of the house, it is better to spray. To do this, you need the right poison and knowledge of the correct method of spraying. The spraying specialists of Pakan Morvarid Company are ready to provide lizard spraying services to you dear ones.

To solve the problem of Tehran citizens and dear compatriots all over the country, our colleagues in Pakan Morvarid will prepare and provide you with lizard venom. Sending lizard venom to all parts of Iran is possible through freight and postal system. It is also possible to send lizard venom in Tehran by visiting the address of Fadak metro, North Fadak Madani St., No. 10, Heydari St., or sending a venom by motor courier to your home in Tehran.
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