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A rodent mouse is extremely intelligent and if it senses the slightest change in its habitat, it will change its habitat ten to twenty meters.

There are usually many holes in agricultural lands and farmers always have problems with mice and every year a lot of damage is done to the crops by mice.

As a basic task, you can close all the holes with mud or soil. After 24 hours, you will return to the mouse hole. Any hole that is open, the mouse fight will start in the same place. At this stage, you can call the consultants of the Pearl Spraying Company. Knock and train to solve the problem of mice on your ground. Pearl spraying company will help you to completely destroy mice by sending you rat poison.

Citizens of Tehran apartment dwellers often complain about house mice in their homes. What is the solution? Does your house only have rats or is rat infection spread throughout the building?

Spraying experts will first have an overview of your home and your entire building. Rats can infiltrate all floors through false ceilings. Rats cause food spoilage and contamination.

Mice chew on almost anything from rice sacks to electrical wiring to electrical appliances, so in addition to polluting the human environment, they also cause economic damage.

Fighting house mice requires its own rules. Many dear Tehranians do not get results with Mirondoli mouse fight with mouse glue, then they contact the spraying company and we try to give advice by phone to solve the problem of fellow city mice.

In addition to fighting domestic mice, Pearl Spraying Company can provide you with rat poison and live and dead mouse traps.
A number of shopkeepers in Tehran complain about the presence of sewage rats or the same Norwegian rats inside the shop or restaurant, and they think of liquid spraying and spraying. The problem is solved

Closing the entrances and exits of mice is something that houses and places infected with mice should try to do, otherwise the mice will be seen again after 1 month.

In warehouses and factories, the arrangement of equipment and devices should be such that they are half a meter away from the walls and floor of the hall, especially the corners.
Mice love the hustle and bustle of the living space, in these places the mice are more comfortable and without paying attention to their daily affairs. The mice give birth once a season and 5 to 15 mice are added to the family population each time, so try Take mouse fighting seriously.
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