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Sometimes newly built houses also have this problem and dust mites cover the whole house and besides spraying mites, we will definitely need to build a house. Mites are small arthropods that are also part of the mite family. Mites live in homes, farms and even in the bodies of animals. These multiplier insects have octopuses and are mostly transparent and microscopic in size, about three-tenths of a millimeter in size. These mites live near the roots of facial hair follicles, in both men and women, and hide inside their pores.

These mites are usually not dangerous to humans unless they are so numerous that they can sometimes lead to a disease called Demodicosis or Demodex parasite. Demodicosis in humans can cause urticaria or red or white rashes on the skin, often associated with a decreased immune response in the body.

Rajab Mite We have put many articles to study in the mite spraying section. To solve the problem of the citizens of Tehran and the whole country, we will prepare and provide you with poison mite.

It is possible to send poison poison to all parts of Iran through freight and postal system. It is possible to send poison in Tehran by visiting the address of Fadak metro station, North Madani street, Heydari street, number 10, or sending poison by motor courier to your home.

Invasion of clover mites into homes is very common in late winter and early spring. Clover mites are rodents on grass and weeds, and sometimes these invasive species can be found outside windows and doors.

Adult mites are approximately 1 mm long and can be detected by high magnification of their long legs. These mites sometimes produce a red spot when crushed.

Clover mite does not bite people and is mostly a non-annoying pest. Keeping weeds clean and tidy regularly, and sealing well-structured foundations around windows and doors can greatly help reduce mite infestation in the home. Repellent sprays can be used for areas with potential outside entry.

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This toxin has a one-year warranty, is foreign and does not pose any danger to humans.

Mites are usually not harmful to humans, except in cases where their presence causes skin problems such as acne. These skin problems are accompanied by redness and itching of the skin. These insects retain the waste products produced in their bodies as long as they are alive. Scientists say mites may also be beneficial to humans. For example, they can remove dead cells from the skin or kill harmful bacteria in the skin.

There is no way to get rid of these creatures forever. Although there are treatments for this, after 6 weeks, the mites return because these organisms are present on all surfaces that come in contact with humans, such as pillows, sheets and mattresses. The point about mites and human life history is that DNA analysis shows that the mites in the Chinese body are different from those found in the bodies of North and South Americans. The existence of these differences can be effective in studying the history of migration of human ancestors on the planet Earth.