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Mosquitoes belong to the winged subgroup and the six-pointed branch. Mosquitoes generally feed on blood. They sometimes target birds, reptiles and mammals, and sometimes choose invertebrates to feed on. The blood that the mosquito feeds in this way is very small and does not matter much, but it is annoying, itchy and inflamed by the mosquito bite. In addition to itching and inflammation, mosquitoes can transmit various diseases by biting various organisms and feeding on their blood, thereby infecting other organisms and even humans. Yellow fever and malaria are among the dangerous diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.

Types of mosquitoes
There are different species of mosquitoes. Sandfly is one of the species of mosquitoes whose bite is very annoying and is mostly seen in dry and desert areas. Sandfly is one of the species that has a high distribution and is found in most parts of the world. Sandflies also cause severe itching and inflammation with their bites, sometimes more than normal mosquitoes. These mosquitoes are also usually carriers of various diseases such as papatasi fever and leishmaniasis. The appearance of sandflies is slightly different from ordinary mosquitoes.They have a rounder body as well as longer legs. Different parts of their body are also completely covered with hair. Keeping the wings upright while resting is one way to detect mosquitoes. These mosquitoes also choose to feed on various species of birds and reptiles to animal carcasses.

Mosquito life cycle
Summer is the season when you see more mosquitoes. In this chapter, they show their arithmetic and lay eggs and feed on other creatures. You must have been bitten by a mosquito before, and you must have thought about how long mosquitoes live. In this part of the article we want to talk to you about the life cycle of mosquitoes, so stay tuned. Mosquitoes may lay eggs anywhere, depending on the species. They even lay eggs in water called larvae. It is not possible to say exactly how long the mosquitoes live. Because their maturity and growth depends on their nutrition as well as the climatic conditions of their place of residence. Mosquitoes generally take 3 to 30 days to mature. But if we want to express a certain time for their life, we must say that they survive for about 2 weeks and sometimes up to a month. But if living things do not have access to food and blood, their bodies become dehydrated and shorter in life.
Destruction of mosquitoes
As we have said, mosquitoes can be dangerous to humans by causing annoying bites and transmitting disease. It is better to prevent them from entering your place of residence by observing some things. The best way to do this is to cover the doors and windows with suitable netting. Also use proper ventilation so that the smell of food, especially meat, does not attract mosquitoes. For protein stores that are more prone to mosquitoes and environmental pollution due to the presence of meat, and sometimes can not use the net door due to frequent travel, The best way is to use electric insecticides at the entrance of the store. But what to do if these pests find their way home or to work? In the following, we will discuss with you the important points that are needed to kill mosquitoes.
Mosquito poison
If mosquitoes find their way to your workplace or home, you need to think of a way to kill them. In addition to being bitten and transmitted by mosquitoes, mosquitoes may lay their eggs locally and surprise you with a large number of small and large mosquitoes after a while. So it is better to think of destroying the first mosquito when you see it. Extermination of mosquitoes depends on many factors, including the number of mosquitoes, the type and species of mosquito, environmental conditions, and so on. To kill large numbers of mosquitoes or in special places such as shops and homes, it is best to seek the advice of a spray specialist. Our colleagues in Pakan Morvarid collection are ready to provide spraying services to you dear ones.
Sell ​​mosquito poison
Our colleagues in Pakan Morvarid will prepare mosquito venom and provide it to you to solve the problems of Tehran citizens and dear compatriots all over the country. Sending mosquito venom to all parts of Iran is possible through freight and postal system. It is also possible to send mosquito venom in Tehran by visiting the address of Fadak metro station, North Fadak Madani St., No. 10, Heydari St. or sending a motor courier to your home in Tehran.
How to use Pakan Morvarid mosquito venom will be sent to you via WhatsApp and Telegram after purchase.
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This poison is foreign and has a one-year warranty and does not pose any danger to humans.

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