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Pigeon mites are usually found in or where birds such as pigeons, sparrows, starlings, chickens and roosters are kept or nested. Pigeon mite venom helps to kill this insect.

But how do these insects move into our homes? These pests feed on the blood of birds. And when pigeons leave their old nest to build another nest, pigeon ticks reach their homes and surroundings in search of food. And then they feed on human blood. Pigeon tick bites can cause severe irritation.

Pigeon mite insects are more common in warmer regions of the world, including Iran. There are several species of these pests, the most common of which are Mite Domestices of the Macronyssidae family.
The life cycle of a pigeon insect
Pigeon mites feed on the blood of birds. They reproduce rapidly in bird nests. They only die if they do not feed for three consecutive weeks.

Pigeon mites are commonly found in humid and hot places. During the spring and early summer, their activity increases. They are naturally found in places where pigeons, sparrows and chickens nest.

When birds migrate from their nests, these mites may enter the human ring. They make their way through the seams and crevices to survive inside the building and home, and feed on people’s blood.

Identify pigeon ticks
Identifying pigeon ticks is a priority first. You can detect their presence by examining your place of residence and the symptoms of the bite. If you keep pigeons, sparrows and در in the house, also check where they are kept. Examine the birds’ bodies for traces of ticks or bites.

Be sure to wear a mask and gloves when doing bird work. Do this with sufficient care and mastery when moving birds and related equipment.

Choose a bird shed that is close enough to where you live. Check communication channels. Cover the seams and around doors and windows to prevent pigeon ticks from entering your area. Check the building’s vents and chimneys.
Destroy the pigeon ticks
Pigeon mites only feed on humans and can not complete their life cycle on their body. For this reason, they move and look for a new nest. They prefer to bite a certain part of the body. And live under the skin. If you get this insect, you can feel them walking on your skin while they are active.

If you notice the slightest symptoms, start immediately. If delayed, they may reproduce and catch more ticks. To destroy them, you must use special toxins for pigeon mites. For your convenience, Pakar Morvarid collection has provided pigeon tick venom in 3 different volumes.

You can enter the store by clicking on the link below and buy pigeon tick venom. Be sure to read the article (necessary measures before and after spraying) before use.

What is the life cycle of a pigeon mite?

Pigeon mites feed on the blood of birds. They reproduce rapidly in bird nests. They only die if they do not feed for three consecutive weeks.


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