Sewage beetle poison

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Sewage beetle
Sewage beetles are one of the dirtiest pests anyone can see in their home. Beetles are generally one of the dirtiest and most polluted insects seen in homes. Sewage beetles are much more carriers of pollution and disease due to living in sewage houses and even feeding on sewage. Sewage beetles are usually very large and can grow up to 5 cm in length. Each female sewage beetle can lay a large number of small and large beetles at the same time.

These beetles are commonly seen in bathrooms and toilets. If the bathroom door or toilet is open, they will enter your room and home environment and enter the kitchen and warm and dark places of the house to access food and a suitable place for laying eggs. These beetles carry a variety of germs and diseases due to living in sewage. If they enter the home environment, they can infect everywhere and cause residents to suffer from skin diseases, diarrhea, cholera and other diseases.

Prevent the entry of sewage beetles
First, the sewage beetle must be prevented from entering the home environment. As the name implies, they live in sewer pipes and should start from the bathroom and toilet to prevent them from entering. Clean all parts of the bathroom, toilet and kitchen regularly and at least twice a week with disinfectants. The presence of dirt and pollution can prepare the ground for the presence of sewage beetles, so by eliminating the condition, you can largely prevent their presence. Be sure to use wells for sanitation. Do not leave the bathroom door open. Use a ventilator to ventilate and dry the bathroom and toilet environment. A humid and warm environment can be a good place for sewage beetles.

Check all household valves regularly and repair or replace any leaks. The presence of moisture and humidity can cause the presence of sewage beetles and other insects and eventually lead to infection and disease. Sweep the kitchen area at least 3 times a week and thoroughly clean inaccessible areas once a month. Do not leave food in the kitchen as it may quickly attract a variety of insects, including beetles. Be sure to cover the kitchen entrance door and window with metal mesh. Due to the hot environment of the kitchen, the living conditions of sewage beetles and other insects are provided, so you should use proper ventilation.

Sewage beetle poison
Sewage beetle poison
Exterminating sewage beetles is not an easy task. You can never get rid of them with regular sprays. Maybe only one or two beetles that you saw will be killed by spray, but what about the rest of the sewage beetles that are hidden in different parts of the house? For complete destruction of sewage beetles, it is necessary to know the appropriate poison, sufficient dose and the correct way to use the poison. Using the wrong type of toxin can make sewage beetles and their eggs resistant to the toxin, in which case it will be very difficult to destroy them. It will also be problematic to use the wrong dose, if you use a small dose of poison, the sewage beetle will be resistant to the poison, and if the dose is high, it may endanger your health and the health of the residents.
Sewage beetle spraying
How to spray is very important. There are some things to keep in mind before and after spraying. Covering food to prevent contamination, getting people out of the place, wearing hats, gloves and clothes suitable for the person doing the spraying work are the most important points that must be observed before spraying. After spraying, no one should enter the spraying area for 24 hours. The elderly, children, cardiovascular patients, and pregnant women should stay away from these places for up to 48 hours. You should not clean the sprayed area for 24 hours after spraying, because once the toxins are removed from the surfaces, the sewage beetles may not disappear completely. Observing these items can help maintain the health of residents and the destruction of sewage beetles. For information on the type of poison, the sufficient dose and the correct way of spraying, you can contact our colleagues at Pakan Morvarid Company. Our experts, with their sufficient experience and knowledge, will guide you in preparing the right poison and performing the correct spraying.
Sell ​​sewage beetle poison
To solve the problem of Tehran citizens and dear compatriots all over the country, our colleagues in Pakan Morvarid will prepare sewage beetle venom and provide it to you. Sewage beetle venom can be sent to all parts of Iran through freight and postal system. It is also possible to send sewage beetle venom in Tehran by visiting the address of Fadak metro station, North Fadak Madani St., No. 10, Heydari St., or sending the venom by motor courier to your home in Tehran.

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