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Tiny beetle
If you see small beetles in the kitchen, the first thing that comes to mind is how to get rid of one of the most stubborn pests. The tiny beetles penetrate into every cavity and place, multiply rapidly and can survive for weeks without food or even water. These tiny creatures are certainly a big challenge for everyone, but with the right tools and products they can be completely destroyed. To destroy these tiny insects, you can not do it alone and without sufficient knowledge. You should seek help from an expert in this field. You can contact Pakan Morvarid Company for spraying small beetles.
The first and most important thing to do is to get rid of tiny beetles. If you do not observe hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen and home, you will quickly see the presence of small beetles and even other types of pests. These insects need food and shelter to survive, and if you clean them regularly, you will eliminate one of their most important needs, which is access to food.

The kitchen is a good place for beetles and other insects to live and lay eggs due to the warmth and food. By observing the following points, you can keep the kitchen environment clean and tidy:

Use a clean trash can with a trash bag
Regular and daily disposal of waste
Cleaning and drying the sink and gas
Wash dishes on time
Sweep and wipe several times a week

Checking the health of kitchen pipes and not dripping them is the next step in maintaining cleanliness. In case of water leakage and dampness, you will immediately see not only small beetles but also other types of pests. It is better to check the valves regularly and repair or replace them if necessary. In addition to hygiene and cleanliness, the entry of these pests should also be prevented. To do this, you must use wire mesh for all windows. The seams of windows and doors should also be covered with suitable materials.

Spraying small beetles
Contrary to popular belief, spraying small beetles is not an easy task. In general, spraying is a very basic job that requires sufficient expertise and experience. If sprayed incorrectly and with inappropriate poison and used many times and in wrong doses, not only does it not kill small beetles and pests, but it also makes them resistant to toxins and makes them very difficult to destroy. . If the tiny beetles become resistant to the poison used, destroying them will not be easy. Resistance of small beetles is one of the side effects of incorrect spraying. The next side effects are endangering people’s health, including skin, lung and other problems that can occur if the beetle is sprayed incorrectly.

Leave the spraying of houses and the spraying of bedbugs, beetles and all kinds of insects to Pakan Morvarid company. All you have to do is call 9109207710. Pakan Morvarid Spraying Company is ready to cooperate with private and government agencies for spraying insects.
Small blattidae poison
Small beetles need different venom depending on their number and type. Small beetle spraying is done in different ways, including baiting, spray spraying and.. To identify the type of beetles and toxins needed to kill them, it is best to seek advice from a reputable spraying company. Pakan Morvarid Company, with its experienced staff, is ready to spray all kinds of small beetles and other insects and vermin. You can contact the numbers available on the site of Pakan Morvarid to spray small beetles. The specialists of this company, by choosing the type of poison and its appropriate dose, easily destroy these pests and maintain the health of you and those around you.
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Sale small blattidae poison
To solve the problem of Tehran citizens and dear compatriots all over the country, our colleagues in Pakan Morvarid will prepare beetle venom and provide it to you. Sending small beetle venom to all parts of Iran is possible through freight and postal system. Sending small beetle venom in Tehran is also possible by visiting the address of Fadak metro, Fadak Madani Shomali St., No. 10 Heydari St., or sending venom by motor courier to your home in Tehran.

How to use the beetle venom of Pakan Morvarid company will be sent to you via WhatsApp and Telegram after purchase.
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This poison is foreign and has a one-year warranty and does not pose any danger to humans.