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Spiders are part of animals and arthropods. Spiders have two limbs and eight legs. They are classified in the order Tartan, which is one of the few orders of its larger category, the Tarban. It is interesting to know that mites are also from the category of tarbafans. There are many species of spiders in nature. Some spiders are harmless, but some contain very dangerous venom that can even kill humans.

The Black Widow spider is one of these types of spiders that we will talk about later and the venom and spraying of this spider. Spiders have glands in the lower part of their abdomen through which they can weave threads. Each type of spider uses a different thread. Some of them use tar for hunting and turn it into a trap for hunting insects. But there are also species that hunt without strings and with their stings, which they use to move from one place to another, to make a place to store eggs, to entangle and trap the prey, to cover the entrance of the nest, and so on. they do.

Sand spider hunting scene
Family: Sicariidae

The tragic scene of a young sparrow being hunted by a ruthless sand spider may not be desirable to some. The producer of this video stated that it was difficult for his house spider to find live food during the winter, and for this reason, he provided the guest with a spider’s chewing gum.
Spider body structure
As we said, spiders’ bodies are two parts that include their body and head, and they also have octopuses, which makes it easy for them to climb from any place and stay fixed on the wall and even the ceiling. At the end of the spider’s abdomen are glands that secrete a substance by which the spider weaves. Each of these glands is made up of dozens of narrow tubes. The warp material passes through these tubes and leaves the gland, and then, when exposed to air, it hardens and eventually the warp is formed.

Spider webs have a silk-like sex. Spiders weave threads into geometric shapes in a special order to give them enough strength. Spider webs are very thin and about one-tenth the diameter of a human hair. These threads are very strong and thin at the same time. Spider webs are about 9 times stronger than steel and about the same diameter and also have excellent elasticity. Hence, it has attracted many scientists to be able to find the mystery of the structure of this thread.

Spider spraying
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Spiders are very strange creatures that, above, you are familiar with their body structure as well as the special features of their fibers. Spiders can only eat their food in watery conditions. For this reason, they prey soak and water their prey and then feed on them. The substance that the spider uses to hydrate the body of the prey softens the tissues of the prey’s limbs and prepares it for sucking.

There are hairs around the spider’s mouth that act as a strainer and prevent hard parts when eating prey. The spider’s digestive system is also able to digest woven fibers. Hence, some spiders eat both their prey and their web after wrapping their prey with string. Spiders come in a variety of sizes. A species called the dwarf spider is less than 1 mm in size, and the largest species of spider in the tarantula family is found in sizes 100 to 250 mm.
Black Widow Spider
As we said at the beginning of the article, the black widow spider is one of the venomous spiders whose venom is also very dangerous. Black spider venom can kill even humans. The venom of this spider is 15 times stronger than the venom of a rattlesnake. The black widow spider has a length of 8 to 35 mm and can be identified by a sign resembling a red and orange hourglass on its abdomen.

The male type of this spider is about 4 to 15 mm long, which is black or dark gray with red and orange spots on the abdomen. You will definitely suffer from the effects of being bitten by a black widow spider. These include vomiting, sweating, respiratory disorders, and even numbness and paralysis from the venom of this spider. The reason for naming the black widow spider is because the female kills the male after mating.
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Spider spraying
Spiders are useful for the nature cycle and balance due to insect hunting. This insect hunt can also be beneficial for human life, but the presence of spiders in the habitat can be alarming or even dangerous, depending on the species. Weaving strings in different parts and creating dirt are other reasons that persuade you to kill this animal. As we said, spiders have many species and therefore spraying them is a specialized job. The type of spider should be known first and then, depending on the sex of the male and female and their number, spraying should be done.

To do this, you must use the correct methods as well as the appropriate poison.

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Is the presence of spiders dangerous for humans?
Spiders that we normally see in homes are usually harmless, but there are a large percentage of spiders that are dangerous to humans, and if you see them, it is better to buy poison by spraying.

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