Termite poison

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Termite venom is mostly used for closed storage places of wood and wooden accessories or cellulose. Although drugs are sold in pharmacies as termite replication controllers, they are often used as a temporary treatment for this insect.

Spraying termites in wet seasons is the best way to kill termites and eggs.

Strong termite pesticides should be made in combination in home and agricultural pesticides and used continuously during the breeding season.

By using new and innovative spraying methods, the durability of anti-termite pesticides can be greatly increased. Iran has the highest number of termite-killing pesticides in the world.

The longevity and durability of termite pesticides is very important to reduce the frequency of pesticide use in the environment.
Termites are an order of insects that live underground as colonies. Termites are the most important reason for the decline and destruction of wood products in Iran and can be rapidly propagated in wood products.

The highest number of termite species is found in humid cities such as Ghaemshahr, Sari, Ramsar, Rasht and ports.

According to research, in places where termite spraying is not done properly, this insect can cause damage to wood industries up to two thousand billion tomans.

As a result, the use of strong and combined toxins to kill this insect is recommended during the breeding season. In places where wood is stored, spraying should be done periodically throughout the year to prevent termite spawning.

The important point about termite reproduction is that most people think that termites feed only on wood, while termite colonies feed on cellulose-containing areas, resulting in cellulose-containing fruits such as apples and carrots. And lettuce hurts.

However, due to the storage of more fruits in cold places, the possibility of growth and colony of this animal in them is less.
Suicide operations in termites
Scientific name: Neocapritermes taracua
Family: Termitidae

Termite species in the rainforests of French Guinea have pushed the boundaries of altruism. In the body of worker termites, sacs containing a toxic blue liquid grow. When confronted by an enemy (Embiratermes neotenicus), the termite kills the enemy during a suicide operation by exploding these sacs. These sacs grow throughout the life of the termite and store toxins. But it seems that only older termites, which have larger explosive sacs, commit suicide. On the other hand, older people, like younger termites, are no longer able to serve and maintain the colony, thus fulfilling their duty and commitment.
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In countries that have wood and the possibility of termite growth is higher, the most and strongest anti-termite toxins are found.

Online sales of anti-termite poisons are more common in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, China, Iran and the Middle East.

Anti-termite pesticides are usually prepared in combination with other strong insecticides to increase their durability and can be used for all termite species. Note that the reproduction of termites does not decrease in any season and these insects do not hibernate.

The price of termite pesticides depends on their durability in humid environments and their lack of danger to the human environment.

Due to the way these insects live underground, it is possible to destroy the foundations of wooden houses away from the human eye in humid environments.

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Termite spraying in Tehran
Spraying of this insect is done in Tehran and big cities using experienced technicians of installation companies.

These technicians have prepared ready-made toxins in combination to eliminate these insects at a suitable and harmless dose for humans, and it is possible to use them even in closed environments.

One of the most prominent toxins used against this insect is Thermidor termite, which is used in combination with other toxins such as naphthalene.

Naphthalene is one of the oldest anti-termite toxins and even naphthalene was used as a termite killer when storing woolen clothes.

These insects cause serious damage to environments containing cellulose and wood within 3 to 5 years. Naphthalene-soaked cloth pellets are the best traditional way to reduce the proliferation of these insects in homes.

The sale of common termite venom is recommended as another potent combination of toxins along with naphthalene and thermidor.