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In warm seasons or in warm environments, for example, among woolen fabrics, the birth of this insect is more. The sale of willow poison to kill this insect is more common among poisons.

The sale of willow venom to kill this insect is more common among other toxins. This path is generally the pest of most grains and woolen materials, carpets, clothes that need fabric, etc., and to eliminate it in seasons when the reproduction of this insect is high, intermittent spraying must be used.

In hot seasons or in hot environments, for example, among woolen fabrics, the birth of this insect is more, as a result, most people use anti-moth pills at the beginning of cold seasons and in the back of clothing to prevent the reproduction of this insect.

Toxins used in pill form for clothes can not be used as food willow toxins because these toxins are strong and their entry into the digestive system may cause poisoning. Most traditional methods, such as the use of walnut leaves in cereals and legumes to help repel willow.

Some cities in the past used to pipe carpets and put naphthalene or camphor between them to repel willows. These methods are often traditional and are used to temporarily remove the willow.

Sales of willow pesticides are related to farmer pesticide sales centers. These toxins are mostly derivatives of cyanide. Most of these toxins can dramatically kill the population of these insects.

Cyanide even has significant effects on willow eggs. This method is mostly used to poison the living environment of willow larvae. Larvae are more vulnerable than other specimens of this insect.

Some substances such as hydrogen cyanide used in this method are dangerous to humans and can not be used on a large scale.

Note that in this method, the eggs usually remain, so it is not a permanent method to remove the willow. In the past, carbon dioxide has been used to reduce the risks of this method.

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Strong willow pesticides are mostly sold in agricultural pesticide pharmacies. These toxins must be strong enough that their persistence and stability in the environment prevent further egg reproduction.

Combined willow pesticides consist of several types of toxins that are harmless to humans, which prevent further reproduction of willow larvae over a period of several months. The larvae of this insect usually feed on woolen materials such as woolen clothes, carpets and rugs and cause damage to these materials.

To reduce the cost of buying willow venom, it is best to spray house willow with the help of specialized personnel at specified intervals.

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Some compound toxins are specifically made from plants such as walnut leaves, nightshade leaves and other broadleaf plants that largely inhibit willow seed reproduction.

These pills and toxins are usually not dangerous to human food and do not cause poisoning. Most willow pesticides are not colored and do not leave a mark on the fibers of clothes

Also, their price is more reasonable than chemical toxins. One of the best ways to kill moth larvae is to cool the environment. These insects react to the cold.

Cooling the environment between 2 and 8 degrees reduces the proliferation of these insects by an average of 50%. Extensive research has been done to prepare anti-moth pesticides. Today, most of these toxins are made from organic and harmless materials for humans.

Also, the use of combination pesticides with appropriate doses by experts in this field significantly reduces the reproduction of willow in closed environments.

In order to be able to use anti-moth toxins in environments such as homes, it is necessary to use toxins that are harmless to humans and do not cause respiratory poisoning for humans.

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