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Spraying operations to destroy bedbugs, beetles and other vermin

Spraying is an excellent way to control and eliminate animals and pests in our lives. In fact, what has led to success and progress in the field of insect control in recent years has been the regular and principled spraying of residential and office buildings. If you are one of those people who think that spraying is a simple and easy process that does not require special skills and knowledge, we must tell you to reconsider your decision because the spraying process for pests such as Beetles, bedbugs and باید should be left to specialized and experienced people so that both the place you want to get rid of these insects and that there is no problem for the health of residents. One of the most important actions of people with experience in this field is that they correctly identify how much poison and what type of poison to use in each place. One of the most complicated issues that can happen to the occupants of any home when spraying a building is the presence of beetles in bathrooms, kitchens and toilets, and so on. These insects can be a serious threat to human health, as they are the cause of many allergies. In fact, finding the cause of the entry and presence of these insects in our living space, as well as finding safe ways to destroy them is one of the most necessary measures to ensure the safety and health of family members. Pakan Morvarid Spraying Company is ready to identify and repel any pests in this field.

What affects the spraying operation?

Insects and their duration

If a long time has passed since the presence of pests in your desired location. Spraying operations should be considered for a longer period of time and also the use of poison will increase. Another important point when performing operations related to the destruction of insects and beetles is to identify the parts and points necessary for spraying. Some insects and beetles infiltrate and multiply downstream of walls, while other species hide on ceilings and high places.

Insect resistance to some toxins

Some types of insects, beetles and saris are resistant to toxins such as DDT dichloride, ethane and diphenyl trichloride and do not have any side effects. Therefore, choosing a suitable and efficient product in this process is of special importance. If you have done the spraying and about 100 minutes have passed since its application and you still see the presence of bedbugs, fleas, beetles and… in the spraying area, you should think about alternative products because the insects have become resistant to the poison used.

Proportion of desired surfaces with toxins

If the building structures have materials such as soil, mud, etc., we must prepare ourselves for the presence of pests because they are interested in accumulating on these surfaces. Also in the texture of some of these soil walls, chemical elements are present that cause the pH to rise and some of the toxins used on the surface are decomposed and destroyed. Also, the presence of traditional materials such as mud straw and weeds on the ceiling surfaces causes insects to penetrate into the existing joints and crevices and practically impede the access of toxins to these parts.

Toxins and their compatibility and flexibility

In fact, the purpose of spraying is to kill pests after appearing at the desired levels. Toxins are useful that do not cause resistance in insects and also destroy these animals. The formula and structure of toxins are very important, for example, concentrates that can be converted into emulsions are not good candidates for this operation. Perhaps you first thought about the importance and necessity of spraying when you first saw a pest at your place of residence or work. This issue becomes doubly important when we are on the verge of warming the air. In addition, the use of hygienic and standard insecticides in crowded and public places is essential.

Perform spraying operations and related costs

The process of eradicating and controlling pests in buildings and offices requires a lot of money, but in fact in different circumstances these costs will vary, for example, the costs associated with this operation in buildings in the north of the city will be different from houses in the south. Was. In fact, the location determines the cost, and this is due to the large number of insects and bedbugs in some areas, in which case spraying operations must be done in a principled and guaranteed manner.

Spraying with a one-year written warranty

Observance of safety principles in spraying buildings

First of all, we recommend that you entrust the spraying operation of the building to Pakan Morvarid Spraying Company, which is licensed in this field, and take advantage of their services and consultations. The important thing to keep in mind is to vacate the house for at least one day, which increases for children, pregnant women, and people at risk, such as cardiovascular patients, and دو for two days. Fine elements suspended in the air and the resulting vapors are eliminated. Insecticides and toxins will be harmful and poisonous as long as they are moist, although there is no need to empty the house and take out items. To make sure, spread the beds and blankets in the open air for a few hours after finishing work.

The best time to destroy bedbugs!

With the onset of spring, the weather is gradually warming up, and this is a promise for bedbugs that have survived the winter and brought themselves to the warmth of spring. The warmth of summer air provides a favorable and compatible environment for the presence and activity of bedbugs and increase their activities, and as a result, at rest times, homeowners will experience their bites and disturbances. Some people believe that bedbugs die in cold weather and winter, or in other words, become inactive. But it is a misconception that these annoying insects are alive and active as long as they have a host to bite. Only in the cold seasons of the year do their activities slow down somewhat. As soon as you see these vermin, you should prepare yourself for spraying. These insects do not live long, but they have a high reproductive power and will increase greatly in the blink of an eye. The most important time to perform the spraying process in order to prevent the increase and presence of bedbugs without any delay after moving and moving to a new place, so if you see the first case of bedbugs with the most reputable spraying company (Pakan Spraying Company) Pearl) call. In fact, in most parts of Iran, we see the presence of these vermin that cause us discomfort and stress. If you are in a crowded place, the possibility of this insect entering your residence will be greatly increased. Based on research in this field, it has been confirmed that bedbugs have no role in transmitting diseases, but in any case, with the bites they make, they cause itching, insomnia and stress. In the face of these pests and pests, the best and most important thing is to act quickly, you must control and destroy them in the shortest possible time.

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Beetle and beetle sprays

As mentioned above, bedbugs are small but annoying insects that penetrate into the house with household appliances and reproduce very quickly. In fact, in comparison with the harassment they inflict on the occupants of the house, the cost of destroying them is not visible at all. If you see traces of blood stains on light-colored clothes, sheets, etc., spray the bedbugs as soon as possible. The presence of these creatures is very harmful, especially for the health of children. If you see the effects of a wound on your young child’s body, carefully examine the sleeping area and his room. In addition to bedbugs, beetles are another factor in depriving homeowners of comfort. One of the most important things to prevent beetles from entering the house is to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, and one of the ways to achieve this goal is to clean the kitchen, collect small particles of food and nutrients and empty the garbage in a timely manner. Beetles that have infiltrated kitchen environments rise through water, sewage, and sinks and feed on the food particles available. In the joints of cabinets, mosaics, tiles and holes in the corners of the wall settle down and begin to reproduce, which is the beginning of a nightmare. They reproduce away from your eyes in the shortest time, and if you do not pay attention to this issue, you may encounter a large number of small beetles, which definitely requires proper spraying. Among the spraying services of Pakan Morvarid Company are beetle spraying, small beetle spraying and large beetle spraying.

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What are the characteristics of insecticides used in the spraying process?

High percentage of toxins to kill insects:

If a large amount of toxin is used in spraying, the resistance of insects will increase. As a result, toxins will be depleted and ineffective. In such cases, samples of these organisms should be tested, and if insect resistance is found during the test, other products that lack reciprocal resistance should be used to spray the insects.

Durability and durability on the surface:

In order to prevent re-spraying operations that waste economic and time resources, the product used in this operation must remain on the desired surfaces and parts for a long time.

Harmless toxins for health:

Insecticides and toxins used in the process of spraying pearls should not have a detrimental effect on executive agents and residents and animals. Pay attention to the wishes of the homeowner: Some compounds and elements have a very unpleasant odor or some products leave traces and deposits on the walls that are not acceptable by some homeowners. The spraying company is obliged to discuss this issue with the homeowner first.

Harmless toxins for health:

1. After finishing the operation, open all the doors and windows and do not enter the spraying place for two hours after that, and if there are any traces of the poison left on the surfaces, wipe it with a damp cloth. 2. It is possible that the beetles are still alive after the operation, if you see them, throw them out with a broom. 3. Keep the area around the sink and its sides completely dry because the beetles that are sprayed will come to life if they are exposed to water. 4. After finishing the process of spraying pearls, it is possible to see the beetles during the day some time later (about two weeks). Do not worry in this regard, this issue will not last long. After a period of fifteen days, check the places where you have seen the insects before, to make sure that the spraying works properly.

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Control and destroy beetles using bait

The use of bait is another solution that is used to kill and control pests, especially beetles. This method is very widely used and is an excellent option for use in indoor environments such as restaurants, kitchens, hotels and hospitals and especially in food preparation environments. Materials that are used as bait for insects are prepared and processed in three ways, which are:
  • gel
  • Liquid
  • solid
Prey is usually placed in important and strategic parts of the place to be in the path of insect traffic, especially beetles. Toxins and trace elements inside the prey, in addition to affecting the beetles that ate it, will also affect the eggs of insects in their secondary effects. Insects return to their nests after eating prey, so any other insects and beetles that are in the process and feed on the carcass, saliva or feces of the carrier beetle will be affected by the venom. In fact, this method affects beetles in a cyclical manner and is an excellent way to kill these pests.

Spraying beetles using steam

This method of spraying pure pearls is an old method in which by mixing pesticides and insecticides with gas, they spread it in a limited environment. In fact, this solution is used for facilities and structures that are exposed to the attack of a large number of beetles and insects that use insects to kill the insects. Use steam when we are faced with a very large volume of pollution. The use of this spraying method is widely used in the following cases:
  • Warehouses
  • factories
  • Flour factories
  • Agriculture
  • And….

Restaurants and spraying to destroy beetles

Proper and hygienic methods and strategies prevent pollution. By timely and principled cleaning of food, beverages and timely destruction of waste, beetles can be prevented from entering the restaurant environment. In addition to the above, placing food in closed containers and performing optimal drainage operations and a principled and appropriate program for cleaning and cleaning, are excellent solutions to achieve the desired goals. Of course, there are various solutions to eradicate beetles and pests, such as using insecticides embedded in sprays, sprays and bait. But in restaurant environments, there are very strict and strict requirements and laws to prevent food contamination from toxins near food storage areas.

Spraying houses in compliance with hygienic principles

Bedbugs and sprays related to these pests

ساس ها را زمانی می توانید ببینید که برای تغذیه از خون انسان به سمت او آمده اند، این حشرات مانند دیگر موجودات موذی زمان زیادی روی سطح بدن افراد توقف نمی کنند. در روشنایی و زمان روز این حشرات منفعل بوده و حرکتی ندارند و در نقاط تاریک مانند درزها، زیر تشک ها و تختخواب ها، زیر شکاف ها و روزنه های کاغذ دیواری و … خود را مخفی می نمایند. این حشرات موذی به صورت گروهی زندگی می نمایند. غالبا اگر مخفیگاه آنها را بیابید به یک باره حجم زیادی از آنها را مشاهده خواهید کرد. همچنین در دمای پائین و سرد، تخم این حشرات موذی تا 4 ماه دوام خواهد آورد و درصورتی که تخم آنها در دمای پائینتر از 15- درجه سانتیگراد باشد از بین رفته و حشره ای از تخم بیرون نخواهد آمد.

To destroy bedbugs, the following measures should be considered:

1. In order to eliminate bedbugs, their special poison should be used and all joints, cracks and openings in houses and home appliances should be sprayed. 2. Among the places that must be considered are bedrooms, mattresses, cloud appliances and in general equipment related to rest and especially in relation to children’s bedding. The bitter truth is that these bloodthirsty vermin are highly resistant to poisons and insecticides and do not die easily. Destroying bed bugs usually requires a thorough spraying, and it is very unlikely that you will be able to solve this problem yourself. If you have this problem, ask a company with experience in the field of spraying. Pakan Morvarid Spraying Company is ready to eradicate bedbugs in your desired location with its experienced and professional staff.

Spraying to destroy bedbugs and the steps to do it

In order to destroy bedbugs, you must go through the following steps:

- Initial inspection:
Experienced and skilled forces in the field of extermination and destruction of insects in the first step examine the entire environment and space and focus all their efforts and attention on the places where bedbugs are likely to be present.
– مشخص نمودن روش امحا و سمپاشی :
At this stage, it is time to determine the spraying method and materials and toxins needed to kill insects, appropriate and environmentally friendly, which are selected by skilled and experienced experts in this field.
- Spraying bed bugs:
At this stage, spraying operations are performed by the executive forces with caution and observing the rules and principles mentioned above.
- How are spraying costs calculated?
Numerous factors such as the size of the environment, the amount and severity of pollution and… are influential in determining the costs and prices of spraying operations.

How do we know if the environment is infested with bedbugs?

Bedbugs are insects that work at night and hide during the day. In fact, finding contaminated environments with this animal is a bit difficult and requires a lot of care. Read on to find out more. One of the most important signs of the presence of bedbugs is the bite marks that remain on the body and show themselves in the form of small red dots. By examining light sheets and blankets in the presence of bed bugs, it can be easily identified because the traces and signs of their presence, such as red spots or brown spots, remain on the sheets. These insects penetrate more on the sides and inside of the mattress, so when you are looking for them, check the sheets and then check the seams and openings of the mattress and the bed. If your skin is inflamed and itchy, it is more likely to have been bitten by a bed bug. Other parts of the house that are especially important when spraying the house and the possibility of bed bugs are also there, are wardrobes, furniture, electrical outlets, photo frames and.. As mentioned above, these creatures often hide, which is difficult to find and destroy. You definitely need a thorough spray to completely destroy bedbugs, you can not do it alone. The best solution is to use the experience and skills of companies active in the field of spraying. You can contact Pakan Morvarid Spraying Company to arrive at your desired location as soon as possible.