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We have written many articles about pigeon mites in the mite spraying section. To get rid of bird and poultry mites, we need spraying and external acaricide poison. Ticks are small insects about the size of a sesame seed, which feed on blood. Different species of mites feed on different types of animals and sometimes humans. Sometimes a tick bites a human instead of an animal. Although most tick bites do not cause disease, in some cases they can and may lead to skin problems.

The mouth of the mite is under the skin, and the back of the body is outside. They are usually blue-gray when they are full of blood. In this case, they are called ticks. In warm seasons, birds begin to reproduce, lay eggs and nest. If a bird builds a nest on the balcony or false ceiling of your house, after a while you will see the presence of pigeon ticks in the house.

Rajab Kaneh Kabutar In the spraying section, we put many articles for reading. To get rid of bird and poultry mites, we need spraying and external acaricide poison. To solve the problem of the citizens of Tehran and the whole country, we will prepare and provide chicken pox to you. Sending pigeon venom to all parts of Iran is possible through freight and postal system.

Ticks feed on other organisms. In this way, they sit on the host organisms and by inserting their tooth part (hypostome) on the surface of the host’s body, they create a slit on the host skin and suck the host blood. This may take a few days. Pigeon mite or Argas mite is one of the types of soft mites that is the main parasite of birds, especially pigeons (especially well pigeons) and other birds.

Today, due to the expansion of construction in cities and non-compliance with the principles of improvement during construction, the presence of intermittent joints between buildings or on the other hand nesting pigeons in these holes has caused these mites through pigeon nests (mainly by false ceilings). In buildings) enter the apartments of citizens. This in itself has caused pollution and endangered the health of some people today.

Sending pigeon venom in Tehran is possible by visiting the address of Fadak metro station, North Madani St., Heidari St., or sending venom by motor courier to your home.
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This toxin has a one-year warranty, is foreign and does not pose any danger to humans.

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Pigeon mite bites are often painful and cause complications in the form of local swelling and inflammation and even sores at the site of the skin bite, which are caused by strong and hard mouth parts and toxic and microbial saliva caused by it. The length of the Argas mite is usually about 4 to 6 mm. Ticks are parasites that feed on the blood of other animals. They start their life in the form of eggs, which hatch in the summer as larvae and crawl on the tops of grasses and other short plants. They wait for the warm-blooded animal to approach them. Then, they cling to it, penetrate the skin and begin to suck blood. When they greedily swallow and reach ten times their normal size, they separate from the host.
The mites rest in the fall and winter and transform into pupae in the spring, waiting again for a warm meal. This time, when they eat, they fall and mature, waiting under large bushes for large hosts, often deer, reindeer, or humans. As long as they are on the body of the host animal, the male and female ticks find each other and mate. The male mite dies very quickly, while the female, full of fertilized eggs, spends the winter laying eggs next spring.
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