Worm poison

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In the classification of animals, all animals that have a long body and no clear appendages are called worms. There are hundreds of thousands of worms, of which about 2,700 are earthworms. Many marine and freshwater species commonly seen by biologists are also worms. Pupae and insect larvae are also called worm in the common dialect.

Worms are divided into two categories in terms of life: 1- Release 2- Parasites (parasites)

Liquid creams can absorb and consume substances. Parasitic worms do not have a free life and their life depends on host organisms.

Worms are found all over the world. They live in soil, water and wherever you can think of. Some species of worms that live in the soil are good for the soil and the crop. But sometimes worms like parasites live in animals, plants and even humans, which can be very harmful. Worms are one of the main links in the food chain in all ecosystems of the world. Earthworms eat and feed as much as they weigh daily, and this is a unique fertilizer to strengthen the soil. Another benefit of these worms is that they open the airway to the ground by piercing the ground, which is very beneficial for plant growth.

Vegetarian cream (green cream)
Vegetarian worms or green worms love the fresh leaves of trees and plants. They feed on leaves and are easy to find because of where they feed. But their green color may take some time and their detection on the leaves may require a little care. You can usually find them under the leaves of trees. To fight herbivorous worms, you can eliminate them after finding them. But it will be a little difficult and time consuming. Therefore, you can use the right poison for them. You can get rid of the poison by mixing it with water and spraying it.

After using the poison, it is better to avoid pouring water on the leaves and plants and do anything for at least three days. Because the poison works well and completely destroys the worms. If these worms are not controlled, they can quickly destroy plants and trees.

In addition to the marks on the leaves, another sign of a worm is a large number of birds. Because they easily identify worms and feed on them. Of course, when you see a lot of birds, the work is probably over and the number of worms is very high. So we suggest that you destroy the worms at the beginning and when they are few. Adult herbivorous worms usually have yellow or pale green lines. If there are worms in farms and grasslands, the best solution is to first mow the lawn or fields such as alfalfa, then spray with a suitable poison. Do not irrigate for a week after spraying, and then continue watering and pruning regularly.