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Woodlouse: Woodlouse is a crustacean that has ten pairs of legs, hard, bandaged shells, as well as long tentacles. Snails are one of the few crustaceans that live mostly on land and on land. Puppies feed mostly on animal excrement and plant waste, etc.

The snails belong to the suborder of snails, from the order of snails with more than 5 known species. A type of snail that belongs to the family of bullet snails or Armadillidiidae, forms a bullet when it encounters danger. By doing so, they hide inside their hard shell, thus protecting themselves from danger.

Snails live in damp, humid places. The presence of dirt in your home is a sign of moisture and it is better to consider it as an alarm. Because snails need moisture to survive. It is worth mentioning that the birth rate of snails is also very high.
More familiarity with snacks
There is also a common misconception about snoring. In some places, it is pleasant to see a snail before or during Nowruz. In this way, if they see dirt before Nowruz, they moisten it with a little soil. Then they put the ashes in a glass so that all the people would look at it as happy on Nowruz. But we suggest that you do not follow these thoughts and if you see poison poison, buy it and spray it.

Snacks are usually in the fall. It is more visible. This is also due to more humidity in this season. They are usually found outdoors and in gardens. Unless your house has moisture and dirt. In this case, you have invited them to your home. After the fall and the cold weather in the winter, they will try harder to enter your home. So you have to take things like lack of soil and moisture seriously. Also block and cover the entrances from the yard and garden to the house.

Snacks may seem harmless at first glance. But having so many of them will definitely be a hassle. If they enter your home, they will multiply quickly. And when they do not have access to food sources such as plants and animal waste, they begin to destroy and feed on paper and wood.

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Destruction of Woodlouse with special Woodlouse poison
As mentioned above, the speed of reproduction of snails is extremely high. So if you see snails in your area, try to destroy them first. Because you may encounter a lot of dirt in the shortest time. In this case, spraying and destroying them will be much more difficult.

After destroying the scraps, be sure to find the grounds for their existence. If there is moisture and dirt in your home, be sure to remove it. Because otherwise, after spraying, the destruction of the scraps will still be present. Occasionally there is a residual odor on new homes. This is often due to the open seams and doors of the building during construction, as well as the empty space of the false ceilings.

Snacks also have benefits. For example, they feed on plant waste and waste. By doing this, they help a lot in cleaning the environment. But with all the benefits they have, their presence at home is not pleasant and may also lead to illness.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Woodlouse Poison
If you see one or two snails, do you need to buy poison and spray?

Yes, even if you see a snail, you should immediately buy a snail poison and spray it. Because the multiplication of snails is very high and you may encounter a lot of snails quickly.

How can spraying be done? Is it possible to buy snail venom and spray yourself?

You can also buy a special poison for snails from Pakan Morvarid store and start spraying

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